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Amazing Benefits of Bearberry
Amazing Benefits of Bearberry

Bearberry treat bladder and urinary tract infections and widely used as
a diuretic, astringent and antiseptic. Bearberry used it as a headache cure, to
treat cystitis and as a general tonic for strengthening the kidneys.

Bearberry cure Cystitis

Cystitis is an infection of the urinary bladder that is more common in women than men. A bacterial infection with distressing symptoms such as abdominal pain, a constant urge to pass urine, a burning sensation when passing urine sometimes accompanied by blood in the urine.
Bearberry leaves contain a high concentration of the phytochemical called arbutin which is converted by bacteria in the urine into hydroquinone, a molecule which is anti-microbial and a highly potent bacterial killer. It is this compound that is thought to be responsible for the relief provided from cystitis and other urinary tract infections.

Bearberry reduce Kidneystone
As bearberry passes out of the body through the urinary tract it soothes irritation and reduces inflammation whilst fighting the bacteria that is the cause of this debilitating conditionArbutin also helps to reduce the accumulation of uric acid and can be
beneficial in the treatment of kidney stones.

Bearberry Gastro-Intestinal Health
The antibacterial properties of Bearberry have been found to inhibit the activities of bacteria such as E-coli and proteus-vulgaris as well as some strains of staphylococcus bacteria, thus protecting against and helping to prevent intestinal infections. Its high tannin content can be effective in the treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery.

Bearberry cure Wound Healing
Bearberry also contains diuretic phytochemicals, including ursolic acid, which are powerful astringents, and allantoin which helps to promote the growth of healthy new cells and the healing of wounds. It also contains tannic acid, a phenolic acid, which studies have shown has a number of health benefits including anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour activity

The most powerful chemical compounds, hydroquinones, found in bearberry, act as powerful antibacterial agents that can keep a wide range of diseases away from you.

Bearberry Treats Arthritis
Bearberry act as antibiotic and reduce pain helps in reducing inflammation and therefore is very suitable for people suffering from rheumatism arthritis and the pain associated with it.

Bearberry act as good Skin ointment
Bearberry used for making skin ointment for curing wrinkles, reduce impact of free radical. Bearberry ointments contain tannins that helpful in treating skin dryness, lightening the skin and also delay skin aging.

Bearberry cure intestine infections
Bearberry balance bacteria present in gut, and prevent most of the infection due to Proteus vulgaris, and Staphylococcus .Bearberry protect intestinal health by destroying bad bacteria and reduces infections due to E.coil bacteria. Bearberry help in increasing intestine and gut health by reducing Gastrointestinal issues.

Limitations of Bearberry

  • Overdose of Bearberry shall cause liver problem. It is safe to avoid Bearberry,for person having kidney disorder.
  • Bearberry is oxytocic in nature, which is not mainly recommended for milk feeding mother.
  • Bearberry have high chemical compound, which might result in Vomiting, Fever, Tinnitu.

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