Amazing Health Benefits of Barbados cherry

Amazing Health Benefits of Barbados cherry
Amazing Health Benefits of Barbados cherry

Barbadoscherry belong to family – Malpighiaceae
Barbadoscherry scientific name – Malpighia emarginata
Barbadoscherry origin – Brazilian,Portugues

Interestingly Barbadoscherry reduce Vitamin C deficiency in greater extent, which also improve in neuro-protective condition.Barbadoscherry said to have high amount of Vitamin C content than any other fruits.

Moreover Vitamin C present in 180 ml of Barbadoscherry juice equal to 14 liters of orange juice and this Vitamin C content present in Barbadoscherry improve immune system, protect from cardiovascular diseases and also Prevents Scurvy disorder.

Amazing Health Benefits of Barbados cherry

Good Source of Vitamin A
In addition to vitamin C , Barbadoscherry contain high amount of carotenoids such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin compared to carrot.Barbadoscherry packed with sufficient amount of vitamin A that help in healthy eye sight,reduce cataract formation,bleeding in eyes,helps avert retinal hemorrhages.Very important fact about Barbadoscherry is that, a very small portion of its contain one full carrot’s vitamin A.

Acerola is a best Anti-inflammatory
Acerola contain antioxidant properties such as polyphenolic anthocyanidin ,ferulic acid, quercetin, tannins, chlorogenic acid, cyanidin-3-glycoside in greater extend and these antioxidant controls infections,serious inflammations and also prevent tumor cell formation.

Barbadoscherry contain Anti-Cancer Property
Moreover Acerola contain high amount of antioxidants,Vitamin C which help in preventing cancer cell formation and develop immune cell.Acerola include strong antioxidant nutrient that strengthen our immunity power and protect from inflammation and infections.Mainly, vitamin C in Acerola help in quick absorption of energy ,as well as increase healing activity in our body.

Cure Stomach
Consuming Acerola berry is really good for stomach health due to its good source of fiber content.Acerola rich in dietary fiber content that reduce constipation and stomach disorder.Acerola help in ease colon function ,therefore reduce intestinal disorders and also provide good bowel movements.

Reduce Cardiac problem
In addition to these benefits , Acerola contain rich antioxidant, vitamin A, vitamin c that reduce cardiac problems like coronary artery diseases, atherosclerosis, thrombosis.As a result Acerola help in regulating stress level, high blood pressure and prevent from heart attack. Acerola mainly enhance good blood flow throughout the body without any breakdown and regulate the heart rhythm.

Reduce blood sugar level
One of the key factor is that Acerola juice reduces the risks of hyper-glycemia, diabetes mellitus and type-2 diabetes. Acerola regulate pancreas functioning and glucose formation to control diabetes.

Promotes Weight Loss
In fact Acerola found low in fat and calories with rich fiber content. These fiber present in Acerola promotes to reduce excess body weight and Acerola contain high antioxidant and vitamin c to provide complete protection which regularize metabolism, and reduce cholesterol present in our body.

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