Baneberry Health Benefits and Side effects

Complete Baneberry plant is loaded with the good medicinal value. Baneberry is of two types red and white baneberry. Moreover Baneberry plant root has many health benefits compared to other parts.

It is also known that baneberry root paste cures serious cold and cough disorders. Root of baneberry help in eliminating skin problems like itchy skin, rashes sometimes it may also cure skin cut and wound pain.

Baneberry root paste is also one of the best medicine for
lactating mother since it increases the milk for infant and also tea prepared
from root cure from sore throat and women menopause disorder.

Baneberry Health Benefits and Side effects

Among the whole plant, root is said to have sedative, hypnotic,
tonic, diaphoretic, cardiotonic, antispasmodic, anti-rheumatic property. The
key factor is that Baneberry roots are smashed and made as paste for
homeopathic remedy.

Good for Women Fertility

Some of the great health benefits of Bane
berry play most viral role in women fertility. Women with infertility problem,
shall obtain 70 percentage chance for pregnancy by consuming baneberry and

berry root enroll in oestrogenic activity which reduce
levels of pituitary luteinizing hormone that help in good ovary growth.
Baneberry also ease the uterine cramps during pregnancy and help in childbirth.

Baneberry reduce cold

Baneberry leaves are used to make tea that has ability to
reduce inflammation in throat and lungs. Bane berry tea commonly known for treating
cold and cough.

Baneberry has good healing property to lower the blood
pressure level since it act as a good sedative and also best choice to cure

Reduce menstrual problem

There is also known fact that Baneberry roots are used as
medicines for curing menstrual problem. Therefore disorders related to
menopause like painful periods, heavy bleeding shall be treated using Bane
berry roots.

Reduce high blood pressure

 Tea prepared using
Bane berry roots cure high blood pressure, as a result, in some cases Baneberry
used as sedative to reduce stress and clear heavy headache.

Good for lactating mother

Although Bane berry is not recommended for pregnant women
Bane berry is best for feeding women since it increase milk for infant after

Cure skin infection

However Baneberry prevent acute stage of rheumatoid
arthritis, sciatica and chorea.Baneberry root paste support in healing wound, itchy
skin and fast recovery from skin breakdown.


  • Baneberry has tendency to lower the blood pressure level so it is not recommended for person with very low pressure.
  • Baneberry act as sedative, emetic and purgative which may cause vomiting diarrhea and allergy effect.
  • Cardiac arrest may occur in children consuming Baneberry , also some toxins can cause respiratory failure.

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