Bilberry Extract Reduce Night Blindness

Bilberry Cure Night Blindness
Bilberry Cure Night Blindness

we all know, Type 2 diabetes condition result with obesity and diabetic retinopathy. Therefore Diabetic retinopathy disease, considered as a reason for causing blindness among the diabetic patients.

In fact, Night blindness also known as nyctalopia. Nyctalopia
means inability to see well at night or in poor light. Nyctalopia is not a
disease but it is a retina or  optical
problem that occur common for patients with difficulty.

Its important that Bilberry have 60% antioxidant compared with Blueberry. Most essential antioxidant compounds such as Cyaniding, Delphinine, petun idin are found in Bilberry. Cyanidin compound found more when compared to Delphinidin, petunidin.

Early story says that UK Royal Air Force given a test to improve their night vision. Bilberries are taken along with carrots in their food supplements to improve vision accuracy at night. Bilberry is a super food for eye health. Research found that beta-Carotene and vitamin E consumption, reduce eye dryness, improve night vision and quick recovery from heavy flash light exposures.

However, Experiments made in rabbits and mice with bilberry
extract reduced cytokines an inflammation in the eyes, prevent impairments in
the lenses and decreased retinal damage in eye ball cells.

Due to aging, many problems arises, especially eye related
issues such as tissue damage inside and outside eyeball, cataracts. It is
proved that extracts of bilberry help in reducing serious inflammation and
damage in the eye tissues.

Also, Bilberry contain enzymes that are used to breakdown
carbs easily in our digestive tract. Bilberry antioxidant lowers blood pressure
and lowers blood sugar level.

Latest research found that high intraocular pressure (IOP)
in the eyeball damage optic nerve and increase the chance for cataracts and eye
blindness. Bilberry extract reduce optic nerve damages and slows the cataract

Sometimes, Night blindness due to IOP also accompanied with
Glaucoma condition. Bilberry fruit contain high BAP (biological antioxidant potential)
measurement that help in lowering eye pressure (IOP) level as well as good for
glaucoma and avoids oxidative damage.

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