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Blueberry Vs Bilberrry
Blueberry Vs Bilberrry

Blueberry fruit and Bilberry fruit appears to be similar
with very mild differences between each other.


Vaccinium Corymbosum is the botanical name of Blueberry or
North American Blueberry. Vaccinium Myrtillus is the botanical name of European
Blueberry or Bilberry.


Blueberries are native to the United States, whereas
bilberries are native to Northern Europe and certain parts of North America and

Other names

Blueberry is called as Blue Huckleberry, Swamp Huckleberry,
Tall Huckleberry, High Blueberry and Swamp Blueberry.

Bilberry is also called as European blueberry, bilberry,
common bilberry, blue whortleberry and huckleberry.


Both Bilberry and Blueberry plants are shrub type but
Bilberry plant stem are small and low growing with height of 6 to 24 inches
where as Blueberries hold high-bush and low-bush.Bilberry plant produces single
berries at one place where ,leaf found in the stem.Blueberries found in
clusters with high-bush and low-bush.


Bilberry supply 60% of more anthocyanins known as antioxidants
than blueberry.Bilberry contain stronger, more tart flavour and rough skin
texture than blueberries.It is also known that Anthocyanins antioxidant is the
compound that gives this dark blue-purple colour to bilberries.


The taste is completely different from a blueberry and
bilberry due to acidic flavour. Bilberry is a shrub often confused with
blueberry due to their similar appearances and colour. Major difference is
that, Bilberry fruit found softer slight tart and acidic quality when compared
with the taste of Blueberry fruit.


 Moreover Bilberry fruits measure 3 to 10 mm in diameter when compared with blueberries. Blueberries found measure about 5 to 13 mm in diameter. Also Bilberry have strong blue flesh which easily stains more compared with Blueberry.

It is also said that, Bilberry skin colour is darker and less matte than Blueberry. The bilberry seems to be very deep in blue and slight grey than Blueberry. Bilberry fruit pulp is dark red whereas Blueberry fruit pulp is found whitish or light green in colour.


It is important that , Bilberries are four times more
beneficial than blueberries since,the anthocyanidin content of bilberry is said
to be more than blueberries.Antioxidant and flavonoids found in
Bilberry,considered to be six times higher than the amount of antioxidants
present in citrus fruits.

Disease cured

Bilberry and Blueberry cure lot of disease because of its
antioxidant compound present. Bilberry and blueberry cures cardiovascular problem,
diabetes, night blindness, diarrhea and colon cancer. Another reason that Bilberry
leaf is used for treating scurvy, skin infections, burns.

 Bilberries and Blueberries
also improves capillary strength and act as good blood circulation enhancer. Not
only this, Antioxidant compound present in Bilberry fruit cures cataracts, macular
degeneration and prevent colon cancer and stomach disorders.

Bilberry also maintain capillaries health that help in the
normal circulation of blood throughout body. It is good that Bilberries cures
night blindness and provide support for night vision by nourishing the visual
purple component of the retina.


In fact Bilberry also , help in blood-thinning function that
is bilberry may thin your blood, which can make blood clotting difficult during
wound or cut .Over consumption of Bilberry has the ability to lower blood sugar
levels , that may lead to hypoglycemia.

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