Canned Fruits Are good or Bad For Health

Canned Fruits Are good or Bad For Health
Canned Fruits Are good or Bad For Health

Most of us believe that fruits stored in Canes, shall be preserved for certain months,might restore its freshness as well as valuable nutrients.Different Varieties of Canned fruits are available in the markets, because of high customer demand.

we all should know the fact that vitamin C in fruits get lost  due to over exposure in air as well as heat,So Canned Fruits are mostly preferred compared with fresh fruits.

It is important to make sure of the Canned fruit’s expire
date , significant amount of key ingredients present and also calories listed
in the Cane labels.We should all know that these Canned Fruits ,are cleaned,
sliced and soaked in a heavy or light sugar syrup.

When we think of some of the Factors,why these Fruits Canes are high in demand ,First our mind struck with cost.Canned Fruits are totally cost effective Compared with cost of Fresh Fruits available in market.

Secondly we can say that Canned Fruits are totally fresh, placed totally in airtight containers which avoid air contact, so that vitamins are never lost. In addition to this, Fruits are dipped in sugar syrup to retain its moisture, freshness, vitamins and nutrients for long run.

However Fruits in Canes are already chopped and cleaned
intensively using citric acid , so these are really time saving , rather than
cleaning and cutting fruits.

There are some reasons,why canned fruits are mostly not
preferred by most of the people because of its processing with sugar syrup. It
is said that sugar syrup of canned fruits contain extra high calories which
might increase your weight.

This prove that one cup of Pear fruit contain 60 calories with 12 grams of sugar but when it is soaked in heavy sugar syrup its calorie totally increases with sugar that is 100 calories and 19 grams of sugar.

It is also said that vitamin C and vitamin B reduce in soaked canned fruit because these vitamins are soluble or dissolved in sugar syrup.

Not only vitamins but also fibre content in Canned fruits
get reduced during peeling of outer layer and cleaning in citric acid.

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