Interesting Health Benefit of BlackBerry fruit

Interesting Health Benefit of BlackBerry fruit
Interesting Health Benefit of BlackBerry fruit

BlackBerry  Family – ‎Rosaceae.
BlackBerry Scientific Name – Rubus.
BlackBerry Origin –  Australia,Chile, New Zealand and Pacific Northwest of North America .

BlackBerry is a rich source of vitamin K contain high fibre content with vitamin K,vitamin C and manganese. Blackberry said to have 30.2 milligrams of vitamin C in one single cup of berries fruit. Valuable nutrients of Blackberries are mainly good for bone development manage sugar level also boost brain health.
It is also known fact that Blackberries contain good fibre content which reduce constipation and improve digestion gut. Another important factor about Blackberry is that Vitamin C and antioxidant present in it can reduce cancer formation cells and give a complete protection from infections.

Interesting Health Benefit of BlackBerry fruit

Blackberries are rich in vitamin C
Moreover Blackberry contain a good amount of Vitamin C that protect against any infections and serious inflammation affecting cell growth. Major Benefit of Blackberry help in maintaining our metabolism activity throughout the day.
One cup of BlackBerry, give you half of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C in our body. Important fact about Blackberry is that Vitamin C present in the berry fruits help you in fighting against the free radicals , also help in good absorption of iron content,prevent cold and cough.Black berry as a result good for teeth health,healing wound fast.

Improve gut health
It is also said that BlackBerry is in-charge of increasing and decreasing the bacteria present in the gut. BlackBerry also increase the probiotic bacteria and decrease pathogenic bacteria which help to maintain gut health. Blackberry conception help in easy bowel movement and reduce gastrointestinal problems.

Good source of fibre
Any diet which is high in fibre,
is much helpful in retaining small intestine health. High fibre content present
in BlackBerry reduce cholesterol, improve digestion, control blood sugar level
by slowing the rate of of sugar absorption. Interesting fact is that, Blackberry
fruits in breakfast promote with zero cholesterol and maintain your body weight
with light diet.

Bone development
Blackberry also contain good
source of vitamin K which reduce blood clot and play important role in bone
metabolism. BlackBerry also good for bone development since it  reduce vitamin K deficiency and strengthen
bones and muscle development .It also reduces heavy blood bleeding like
menstrual bleeding and blood in urine and stool.

Fight against infections
It is Commonly known that Vitamin
C in blackberries can help individuals to fight against cup of
BlackBerry contain 24 percentage of Vitamin C.The ellagic acid along with
antioxidant present in blackberries also protect skin from harmful bacteria and
fungi infections.

Blackberry boost brain
We know that BlackBerry help in neuron function and also reduce infections in brain and nervous system. BlackBerry increases the memory power and thinking capacity since it help in reducing stress even in old age.As a result Blackberry also improve brain health, and help in neuron communication. BlackBerry much useful for aged people since it is reduced complications related to cognitive and motor nerves.

Blackberries with antioxidant
Blackberry Contain good antioxidant such as phenolic acids, flavonoids and flavonols that reduce cancer cell formation. BlackBerry prevent oxidative damage free radicals formation and tumor cell formation.

  • Limitations
  • Consuming blackberries may lead to some allergy in urine, which result in red or light urine colour change.
  • Blackberry are really high in fibre over consumption of low fibre diet content may lead to digestive complications

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