Interesting Health benefits of Acai Berry and side effects

Interesting Health benefits of Acai Berry and side effects
Interesting Health benefits of Acai Berry and side effects

Acai Berry Origin belongs to Brazil, Trinidad and other
countries of northern Southern America.

Acai Berry Botanical Name – Euterpe oleracea

Family Acai Berry – belong to Arecaceae family

Acai trees are mostly found  in the Amazon rain forest of South America areas .Acai berry fruits are considered as a best medicines, since it hold high amount of antioxidant than any other fruits.It is also known fact that Acai pulp has 10-30 times more anthocyanins and antioxidant power,that is 33 times more than red grapes.

Substantial amount of monounsaturated fats including oleic
acid found in Acai Berry help in lowering inflammation .Acai Berry also known
as Superfood since it contain valuable nutrients like antioxidant,vitamin A and
vitamin E and a good source of minerals, fibre rich and they do contain 19
amino acids.

Interesting Health benefits of Acai Berry and side effects


We know that fruits are helpful in digestion process, mainly
Acaiberry promotes overall gastrointestinal metabolism.

Acai Berry benefits in curing stomach disorder and act as
natural cleanser which relieve constipation, improve gut health and also
support bowel movements.As a result Acai berry is good for strengthening
intestinal functions and preventing from intestinal bloating and colon

Acai is a Good source of fiber

Fibre rich Acai berry fruits strengthen digestion process
and also provide zero cholesterol.In fact Acai berries are great source of
soluble fiber content, therefore lower the risk of heart attack.It is also said
that Acai berry contain significant amount of water in addition to soluble
fiber, which help in maintaining cholesterol level.

Acai improve Brain function

Acai Berry has seen visible success in improving short and
long-term memory.However, Acai berry help in recovering from age related
diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.It is also important that Acai Berry
lower neuro-inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain, which result in
good blood flow to the brain.

Acai help maintaining Heart function

Valuable nutrient in Acai berry help in improving heart from worst conditions such as coronary heart disease, heart attack.Moreover Acai also prevent from short breath,chest pain and also Protect LDL against oxidation.Acai Berry carries the excellent property that protect the heart muscle.

The nutritional benefits of Acai Berry help in regularizing cardiovascular health and prevent blood vessels from oxidative damage which lowers blood pressure and increase blood flow.Substantial amount of bioactive components like amino acids, sterols, oleic present in acai berries  avoids high blood pressure and hypertension.

Acai reduce Weight

Acai Berries contain good nutrients that enhance complete absorption and regularize metabolism activity in our body with zero cholesterol. Daily consumption of Acai berry reduce cholesterol formation and mainly avoid from heart disease and diabetes occurrence. Acai berry result in protecting from over weight and also provide good blood glucose,soluble fiber content.

Acai is a great source of Vitamin B

Acai Berry said to contain key ingredient of vitamin B compounds which are helpful in red blood cell formation and cell generation.Acai Berry prevent neurological disorders and increase metabolic rate. Mainly Acai Berry improve our blood circulation and avoid nerve breakdown and help full in daily activity for old age persons.

Acai Berry improves Immunity

Acai berry contain antioxidant power that is 33 times more
than red grapes and red wine.Acai Berry improve immunity power against tumor
cells.Acai Berry packed with polyphenol and polysaccharids nutrients which help
in boosting immunity power against Tumor cells.A cup of Acai Berry can
eliminate infections and help in immune 
cell productions.

Acai Berry reduces Eye disorder

Acai Berry treats Glaucoma, a severe eye disease that may
occur due to age. Glaucoma may lead to eye irritation, bleeding, vision
problem. Latest research has proved that Acai Berry may cure glaucoma disease
and can recover from eye rashes and illness in faster mode.

Acai Berry cure Lung infection

It is important that, acai berries contain polysaccharides
with immunotherapeutic properties which provide ability to fight infections and
inflammation in the lungs. Acai berry consumption give you a greater effect in
reducing any bacterial infection in the lungs, also cures respiratory disorders
due to pathogens in lungs.

Anti-Cancer property in Acai Berry

Acai berry hold powerful antioxidants with that, it is said
to cures cancer symptoms. Acai berry also protect against infection and serious
bacterial inflammations .Antioxidant known as Anthocyanins found in high level
in Acai berry which help in avoiding Cancer cell formation.

Limitations of Acai Berry

Acai berry is not prescribed for person with underweight since it reduce weight to greater extend.
Acai berry may cause allergy related to mouth,lips,tongue dryness and swelling.
Pregnant women shall avoid Acai berry because it may harm the infant.
Acai berry may lead to stomach upset,intestinal irritations in some cause.

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