Interesting Health Benefits of Barberry

Interesting Health Benefits of Barberry

Barberry Family – Ranunculales .
Barberry Scientific Name – Berberidaceae .
Barberry Origin  – Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia.

Barberry provide Anti-inflammatory against harmful infections and enhance good digestion and control body growth metabolism. Barberry contain rich antioxidant nutrients that act as remedy for digestive disorders, bacterial infection, intestinal disorder-indigestion and cardiac arrest.

Interesting Health Benefits of Barberry

Anti inflammatory Agent
Barberry contain alkaloid known as berberine, that help in macrophages formation against infections.This important Anti agent alkaloid berberine fight against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.Alkaloid present in Barberry responsible in curing Skin infections,diarrhea and intestinal infections.

Stomach Problem
We know that Barberry cure serious stomach disorder related to gallstones which also promoted as a herbal remedy for diarrhea caused by Escherichia coli bacteria.As a result Barberry clear constipation problem and urinary tract infections.

Avoid Obesity problem
Berberine carries the excellent property that helps to reduce your weight with greater extend and it is a very effective medicine to avoid cholesterol and excess body weight.In Fact it is proved that 500 mg of berberry intake for twelve weeks shall reduce 5 pound of with reduction in triglyceride levels by 23% and cholesterol levels by 12.2%.

Regulate Sugar level
It is also said that Berberine is a good medicine for maintaining blood glucose level which also found to be a best remedy for treating diabetic nephropathy and diabetic neuropathy condition.

Help in good Heart function
Moreover, Berberry help in reducing cholesterol level and enhance good blood flow throughout the body,as a result it help in avoiding certain risky conditions such as blood clots, heart attack, and stroke.Berberine help in healing cardiovascular problems by reducing bad cholesterol LDL .


  • It is important fact that Barberry fruit may lead to stomach allergy reaction like diarrhea when consumed in large amount.
  • Addition to this Barberry has tendency to reduce blood sugar in greater extend so it not advice to have more fruits.
  • Not only this Barberry Fruit over consumption shall also result in nosebleeds, vomiting, head ache,stomach pain, fever and kidney irritation.

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