Surprising Health Benefits of Bilberry

Health Benefits of Bilberry
Health Benefits of Bilberry

Bilberry fruit is also called as wimberry, whortleberry, European blueberry , hurtleberry, whinberry, winberry, fraughan .Botanical name of Bilberry fruit is Vaccinium myrtillus and belongs to Family Ericaceae.

The fact is that Bilberry appears more or less similar to blueberry but Bilberry contribute more nutrition and health benefit than Blueberry. One of the important factor that Bilberry appears more dark blue than Blueberry.

Origin of bilberry is commonly native to Europe(grown northern and central Europe), northern Asia, Greenland, Iceland, Western Canada, and the Western United States.

Bilberry fruit act as excellent remedy for diarrhea,cardiovascular problem,diabetes,night blindness,scurvy,infections.

Bilberry contain significant amount of antioxidants known as anthocyanins and polyphenols. Moreover Bilberry accommodate large amount of anthocyanins, including delphinidin and cyanidin glycosides than Blueberry. Therefore, Bilberry treat eye vision related problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa.

Surprising Health Benefits of Bilberry

Bilberry as medicine for colon cancer

Its important compound called Pterostilbene found in Bilberries prevent Colon Cancer. As like blueberry  – bilberry also contain rich laxative component which avoid colon cancer and tannins have anti-inflammatory property that control diarrhea.

Bilberry reduce night-blindness problem

Addition to this Bilberry contain rich antioxidants called anthocyanins which help to prevent cataract.Daily consumption of Bilberry help in increasing rhodopsin known as pigment which can reduce night blindness problem.

Bilberry reduce blood

In fact Anthocyanosides present in Bilberry provide good blood circulation and build strong blood vessels. Not only this Antho-cyano-sides also prevent blood platelets sticking together that avoids blood clotting in blood vessels.

Bilberry help in
avoiding heart disease

Bilberry act as good blood circulation enhancer. Therefore Antioxidant compound in Bilberry decrease bad cholesterol levels.As a result Bilberry improve platelet function and reduce cardiac problem due to high blood pressure.

Bilberry reduce skin

Bilberry hold high concentration of anthocyanins that cure skin infection and reduce cell damages.Tannins present in Bilberry have excellent anti-inflammatory property that prevent skin as well as cell from very critical infections.

Bilberry stimulating
insulin secretion

Latest Research found that the antioxidant compounds in bilberry help in good digestion as well as stimulate insulin secretion. However Over consumption of Bilberry may lead to hypoglycemia  known as low blood sugar level.

Bilberrry protect
from DNA Damage

Due to Anthocyanins present in Bilberry, oxygen supply increase in all over the body cell and prevent cell and DNA damages.In addition to this, Rich Antioxidant in Bilberry protect from cancer formation in cell.

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