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raspberry in cup

Berry Fruit produced from the ovary of a single flower in which the outer area of the ovary wall develop into fleshy edible portion to eat.

Some of the berries commonly available in the market are





Red currant

White currant

Blackcurrant .

Some Fruits formed from other parts of the flowers,but are called as berries or False Berries scientifically example -Strawberries and Raspberries

oranges,Grapes and tomatoes are known as berries, because the ovary wall of the carpel becomes edible fleshy at maturity and also they are formed from single flower.

True Berries– Berries formed from single flower and single ovary where outer layer formed as fleshy part. Grapes, Elderberry, Currant, Barberry, Oregon, grape, Nannyberry, Gooseberry, Black currant called as True Berries.

These berries fall into other classifications like drupes
and aggregate fruits

Drupe Berries – drupe is a fleshy fruit found with the stone inside. Sugarberry,Persimmon,Barbados cherry,Indian plum are known as drupe under berries classification.

Aggregate fruits are type of fruits that develop from the merger of several ovaries that were separate in a single flower. Examples are blackberries, dewberries, raspberries

Multiple fruits are type of fruits that are formed from a cluster of flowers and each of the flowers produces a fruit, and all of them mature into a single unit mass.

Example –



Chehalem berry



Wineberry .

Accessory fruits are type of fruits in which edible part of
the fruit is not generated by the ovary.Example Sea grape , Eastern Teaberry
fruit found as a dry capsule surrounded by fleshy calyx .

The pome fruits are also one type of fruits that separate
the seeds from the ovary tissue – examples 
Apple,pears fruit have a structure in which tough tissue separates the
seeds from the outer pericarp.

Some berries such as white mulberry, red mulberry, and
elderberry are poisonous when unripe, but are edible when ripe .

Some Dangerous Poisonous berries are

Mistletoe berry

Ivy berry

Holly berry

Yew berry

Privet berry



Baneberry .

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